Diagnostics imagery

The goal of our clinic in Cernobbio is to improve and always update our methods to offer a punctual, professional and timely service. In our clinic we have a room dedicated to diagnostic imaging tests, equipped with new generation machinery for timely analysis.


Radiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the interpretation for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes of radiological images. For this reason it is also called diagnostic radiology. This term is used to identify the principle with which radiology works, i.e. obtaining radiological images by diagnosis using the known X-rays. Diagnostic radiology is used in the medical field, but also in the veterinary field as radiological examinations are very important for discovering any pathologies or identifying bone traumas, which make it possible to formulate true diagnoses and to act in a timely and effective manner.


Unlike radiographs, ultrasounds do not use X-rays but ultrasound, a branch of diagnostic imaging based on the principle of echo emission and ultrasound waves. This can be used for minimally invasive therapeutic procedures but also to check the health of organs, bones and soft parts. Ultrasound examinations are also feasible on animals, in order to always have a precise examination available that can shed light on problems and help more complex diagnoses. In our clinic we have modern ultrasound machines and a qualified staff.