Veterinary food consultations

The veterinary clinic of Dr. Corrado Gilardoni of Cernobbio, on Lake Como, aims to provide a holistic evaluation of our four-legged friends. For this reason the service of veterinary food consultations could not be missing. Nutrition, as for people, is the basis of the health of every pet, and should therefore not be neglected.

Tailored consultations

Veterinary doctors and collaborators of the veterinary clinic in Cernobbio offer veterinary food consultations with personalised advice for dogs, cats and other small animals. By making an appointment at the property in Via V Giornate 4 or by writing an e-mail you can request advice on rationing of animals in different physiological conditions. In particular we offer food plans for:

  • healthy dogs and cats, both puppies and adults, under maintenance conditions, or pregnant or lactating
  • dogs and facts with diabetes, allergies, endocrine problems, chronic renal failure or other diseases
  • custom BARF diets

We generally recommend both commercial and household food.

The importance of a good diet

It is not uncommon to see dogs, cats but also smaller animals in conditions of overweight and sometimes even obesity. This happens for several factors, but above all for a wrong approach by the owner, who administers the food as a demonstration of affection for the animal. In reality our four-legged friends, just like us, must follow a healthy and balanced diet. We know that it is difficult to resist the sweet eyes of a dog that wants your cookie, so we are available to help you understand what is best for your well-being.